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What Proceeds?

As many of you, I spend much time on road to mine “vagrant office” and I like to listen to set of music and conversation as I travel. Recently, “That Proceeds?,” 1971 Marvina Gej the social comment on environment has promoted and has received me reflexion as usual this phrase became. Often used as a friendly greeting, I should think, how often all of us have asked, “That proceeds?” Within this last mad year of an economic crisis and recession.
With all calibration of the right incorrectly measuring, reducing weight and overturning it, we have tested it last year, “That proceeds?” Often was in our minds and on our lips. Now, when the dust has located, many organisations operate under “new normal” – and do more with much less – wise the budget and wise people. As the reorganisation part, many the tempered people in the course of time experience still left the organisations an own choice or, for so many, it has been chosen for them. With them has gone critical supervising & administrative skills of people, which will occupy years to restore and replace. In certain cases, observers & managers who leave (survived) are afraid, uncoupled, and only waiting of lifting, thus they can go further to other position or continue the plans of a life concerning resignation or business. Some experts speak, we only on distance in some months from mass flight. Then, what? Think of leaders influence of this scenario? What do they do to hold the occupied people? It is the whole other theme during other time…
Irrespectively the scenario, those in supervising & roles of management of people – whether can survived or recently advanced to fill an interval – to find expectation to act faultlessly… From supervising change before detection of new decisions of problems which they have inherited, supervision of a labour which is more various than ever before. They can ask, “That proceeds?”
So it is expected observers & managers today as they lift parts and take daily problems “new normal,” especially the party of people of their duties. Many employees tend to be advanced based on their technical ability, instead of management or supervising skills. They come to light, because they can know in’s and out’s technical aspects of workplaces in their department, but many lack in critical communications, and skills of people should result and motivate very effective commands, especially these days. I read recently about the company which review of the employee has shown that 65 percent of employees were dissatisfied how they were supervised. When they have asked observers as they felt about their positions, many have told that they felt unprepared for (and not supported) in their new roles.
I hear stories from very many people which organisations have arrived to rough awakening that very much few of their current observers & managers have necessary skills properly to operate people. Or they – one of survived, which are now in this new, inconvenient and not supported role to fill an interval. Lifting arrives… What continues you and your organisation? Ready?
We should ask seriously… “That proceeds?” Think of answers to these questions as they concern your organisation:
– Why people move to these critical roles before they will be ready?
– We have reduced too far?
– We reduced wrong people? Filling of intervals with wrong people?
– We reduced a counting of votes based only on the salary? On bad work?
– We are “petty and silly pound?”
– Has made we hold “sacred cows” to the detriment of morals of the employee and growth
The organisation?
– Whether really reductions have been based on requirements of business of common sense or only political plain?
– “New normal” work?
– What proceeds?
That ever the reasons, we should promote, for our own well-being and that from the organisation (), we serve. First of all, if we now – the observer or people-managers, we have to ask us fairly:
– Supervising or the manager of people a role directly for me, employees and the organisation?
Why or why is not present?
– How my manager/observer promotes (or not reception) to positive environment of a workplace?
– Has my career, has reached point where I should know more about last strategy which are
Important in relation to my success?
– Make I rely for traditional ways to address with problems because I did not have a possibility to
Study the new?
– I – occupied 24/7 without time to stop and think, how I could be even more effective?
– Make I feel that I operate in the dark when business reaches contact to problems which arise in
Today’s ever changing workplace?
– Make I ever I speak to me directly “there should be the best way!”?
– “What proceeds?”
If you have answered “on yes” on even one of these questions, it time has come, “lift yours svetoregulyator!” Continuous improvement should be a part of your personnel, professional and organizational substantive provisions. What role does formal or informal educational game in overcoming of discontent serving by observers & managers? With observers & the managers feeling unprepared and not supported in their roles? Obviously, training plays a critical role, or I would not speak about it.
What continues the possibilities of improvement accessible to you inside and outside of your organisation? What you and your organisation doing to convert, freshen, retrain, repeatedly to excite people, to be ready to lifting?
The positive Workplace Speaks seriously! It Only Does Cent $! ®

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